Performance Management

Managing the performance of your team is one of the most challenging aspects of an employer or manager's role. My philosophy is based on ensuring regular feedback which encourages recognition of good performance as well as performance that requires some focus and/or improvement.

What are some of the benefits of performance reviews?
  • Perhaps the most significant benefit of appraisal is that it offers a rare chance for a supervisor and subordinate to have "time out" for a one-on-one discussion of important work issues that might not otherwise be addressed.
  • The existence of a performance appraisal process indicates to employees that the business is genuinely interested in their individual performance and development. This fact alone can have a positive influence on an employee's attitude and performance.
  • Performance reviews offer an excellent opportunity for a supervisor and subordinate to recognise and agree upon individual training and development needs.
  • Appraisal information can be used to monitor the success of your recruitment and induction practices. For example, how well are the employees performing who were hired in the past two years?
  • And the most obvious benefit is the actual review of an employee's performance in their current role. Some employees can find the process of performance reviews stressful, as they consider someone "judging" them as demoralising and a source of anxiety. However the need to evaluate employees objectively, and the need to encourage and develop them, can be balanced and the entire process should be viewed as positive for both sides.

I can help you to develop a process which is timely and effective. It may include scheduled performance discussions, but also spontaneous and informal feedback which may be of either a positive or a constructive nature. I can also assist you to deal with the situation where an employee requires a formal process to improve performance.

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