CV development

Chances are when you apply for a new job you will have a lot of competition - and a pooly presented CV, lacking in the right information will hinder your chances of even making the short list.

However, a professional CV that highlights your skills and experience will help you get job interviews, and practicing and preparing for interviews will help you get jobs.

CV Writing
I will work with you and develop a tailor-made CV and covering letter to meet your needs, ensuring it reflects your experience and personality.  Cost $150 incl GST.

CV Writing & Practical Job Search Techniques
Along with developing a CV, you will learn practical tips on how and where to look for job opportunities, and develop good interview techniques. Cost $250 incl GST.

"Louise turned what I considered to be a very professional CV into a truly great one with a few clever twists.Suggestions to research every business on the internet and request copies of job descriptions were just a few of many great tips. This has helped me to better target my application letters and make the shortlist.Schooling in interview techniques has also helped me to provide some very relevant examples to common interview questions using my prior work experience. I'm now more confident and better prepared when I attend interviews. "
Tricia O'Grady-Conway

Job Hunters

Job Hunters