The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) is a 95-item survey of psychometric constructs, specifically designed for personal and professional development applications. The LDP reveals an individual’s primary approach to communicating, leading, selling, learning, handling conflict, and exercising influence over others. The LDP is used for a variety of purposes, with both individual and business applications. Some examples include:
  • Recruiting
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Sales force training
  • Team-building
  • Employment selection

The LDP was designed to provide an indication of an individual’s personal style as it relates to influencing others. The LDP can be used in training, development, mentoring and coaching applications across all positions, with a particular emphasis on positions where the individual leads, directs or collaborates with others. The focus of the LDP framework is on assessing the exercise of influence by one individual over another, including teams and groups.

 Employers know the cost and pain of hiring the wrong person. Whether they stay on the job for a month or a year, an employee with poor job-fit not only tends to underperform, but they can also bring down the performance of co-workers – this is the compounding effect of a hiring mistake.

 When used in recruitment, the LDP suite of tools has the following advantages:

  • Hire better performing sales people more often (statistically proven)
  • Not arduous for applicants (96 questions, mobile friendly ~10-12 minutes to complete)
  • Both simple and in depth reports
  • Simple to administer and use
  • Customisable reports - visually match an applicant to the profile you are seeking
  • Robust academic rigour with extensive norming and worldwide usage
  • Reports can be generated for other purposes such as team building, sales and leadership development - all from the single use cost
  • Customisable survey, ask other pre screening questions in the single survey "Do you have a current and valid driver's licence?"
  • A range of validated surveys pre existing e.g. How closely does the applicant match the profile of the highest performing GM's?
  • Specialised Sales Profile - does the applicant match the personality DNA of the highest performing sales people?
  • Does this applicant match the profile of my other high performing people?
  • Specialised Leadership Profile - does the applicant match the Leadership Profile we need?

There are a variety of report options that can be selected to suit the individual needs of your business, including the person style overview to the leadership profile, selling profile and the position profile.  The cost of the report depends on if it is just one person you want to profile, or an entire team - and the level of support you need with regards to the development and coaching of your team member(s). 

If you think that undertaking some profiles could benefit your business, perhaps on current staff who need some development, or star performers you want to "clone”, or for potential new staff to determine if they are the right person for your job, then please contact me for a chat.

Job Hunters
  • Factory Packing Staff are needed for Daltons, Matamata
  • An opportunity has arisen for a Maintenance Engineer to join Daltons. 
  • PGO Horticulture, based at Tirau, are looking for a part time General Labourer to help out with a variety of jobs.
  • Daltons are looking for a qualified Diesel Mechanic to work on the trucks and heavy machinery used in their business